Escorting the Player – Leigh James

BlurbWin or Lose.. Winning is important but this is championship quarterback Chase Layne’s last chance for glory. All he wants for his final season is to win the Superbowl. But dreams of ending his career on a high will be sacked if his soon to be ex-wife has her way. She and her new boyfriend have plans to ruin Chase in a media smear, stealing everything he’s worked to achieve. He just has to show the press he’s still in control and on top of his game, in business and his private life. 

It’s How You Play the Game…

Avery Banks knows all about being played. Life has done that to her for years now and she’s tired of being the loser. All she needs is a big score…a job paying enough money to allow her stop turning tricks for good and to get her sister into rehab. Then it happens! She gets the dream job pretending to be a star football player’s girlfriend. All she has to do is make him look good, help him keep up his All American Boy image for the next few weeks. Easy, right? Except her sister sees an even bigger payoff: Blackmailing Chase. 

As Chase and Avery play offense to everyone trying to bring them down, Avery must also face the hard truth: she’s made the ultimate rookie mistake…falling in love with a client.

This book is part of a series but you can read them as stand alone books.
So this was a freebie Ebook that BoobBub emailed me about. I always liked to be open minded about free books because it doesn’t always mean that it’s going to be bad.

However, I am struggling to have any feelings about this book! It’s not that I was a bad story or even badly written. I did find it difficult to connect to any of the characters. Avery just seemed very plain and boring, Chase annoyed me from page 2 onwards and then seemed to have a complete character change in a very short time frame.

I felt the whole romance of it was forced. I don’t know I just found it very hard to believe it their love story.

Overall I would recommend this book if you after a quick read without too much depth.
My rating: 2/5

Book facts:

  • Page length 189
  • Genre New Adult/Romance
  • Point of View: First Person


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