The Healer Series – C.J. Anaya

The Healer (The Healer, #1)

A girl, a prophecy, and two warring gods equals destiny!

Hope Fairmont longs for a normal teenage life, but with a gift like hers, normal equals healing illnesses and injuries instantly. Keeping a secret like that isn’t easy, but a small town is the perfect place for her to heal those who can’t heal themselves, and an even better place for her father, James Fairmont, to hide his daughter from the rest of the world.

Life takes an unexpected turn when two handsome strangers move into town and begin unearthing other secrets concerning Hope’s future and past, revealing to Hope that her gift for healing may be the fulfillment of an ancient, Japanese prophecy gone wrong.

Staying away from these mysterious newcomers would be the smart thing to do, but Victor’s gentle, easy manner, and Tie’s mixed signals and strange mood swings draw her hopelessly closer to revealing the secret she and her father have been so desperate to hide.

Hope’s life is complicated further with visions of a previous life and the arrival of a supernatural demon sent to assassinate her before she learns what she is truly capable of.

With the support of her father, the fiery loyalty of her best friend Angie, and the child-like love of Kirby, a ten-year-old patient, Hope must fight against the forces of a relentless demon god while unwinding the tangled pieces of her past, proving to herself and those she loves that destiny isn’t determined by some cosmic reading of the stars, but by the individual choices one makes

Where to begin….. ok so usually with a book series the first book is amazing and then the following books are still good but they aren’t as good as the first.

Not this series, though, I actually struggled to get through the first book I binge read it in one day to just get it over with.I think my main problem was a combination of the way it was written and the main character. I didn’t really take to Hope straight away I found her character to very angsty and childish for a 17-year-old, and the story felt kinda empty.

But then I started the second book… and boy was I blown away.

The Black Blossom (The Healer, #2)

Forced into a dream-like state, Hope is reliving her life as Mikomi, Princess of the Kagami Empire and The Healer of the world. Life as an Imperial Princess is rife with danger, betrayal and intrigue as Mikomi joins forces with a rebel group of samurai warriors in order to usurp the throne from her tyrannical father. To win this seemingly hopeless war, she must train with Musubi, a warrior in the rebel army, and learn the art of the sword without revealing her identity as The Healer.

Hope’s past life as Mikomi is in a word brutal! But this made for such a good story. I loved the feel of ancient Japan and reading about her learning to fight like a Samari was really good. I definitely liked this version of her much better. As Mikomi she is more mature, headstrong and determined to live life how she wants to and not how everyone is telling her to.

The Grass Cutter Sword (The Healer, #3)

As a trusted member of the Samurai Rebels, it is up to Mikomi to gather information that will stop her father from creating a kami army. Katsu’s constant interference impedes her progress, and she is torn between her duty to the world and her love for one very reluctant rebel. Unfortunately, more than one party is interested in using the kami army for their own malicious purposes.
Mikomi’s enemies quickly multiply as a plot far more devious in nature is unearthed. Though Musubi works to prepare her for the many dangers she must face, remaining within the palace walls may no longer be an option. She must protect herself against nekomata disguised as normal humans, while a far greater threat lurks within the heart of a man whom she loves and trusts.

the 3rd book picks right up from where the second book left off, and we get to see the conclusion of Hopes past life as Mikomi. The last chapter of the book was particularly good, most of the questions that were raised throughout the series were answered except the biggest one which has been left for the 4th and final book.

The more I read this series the more I like it and I can’t wait for the final book The Prophecy (which is out on 12th December).

I would definitely recommend this series and encourage you to persevere through to the end, you won’t be disappointed!

My Rating 3/5


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