Allure (Leathers, #1) -Lacey Weatherford


Seventeen-year-old Brooklyn Hall has had her eye on uber sexy tattoo artist, Six Jagger, for a while. There’s only one problem—she’s pretty sure he doesn’t even know she exists. A friend of her older brother, Six is five years older than her. Plus, there’s the pesky fact that he’s had a steady girlfriend for months. Still, even though she knows there’s no chance for her, she can’t seem to let the fantasy go.

Six Jagger has had a thing for Brooklyn Hall since the first time he laid eyes on her a year ago. However, after finding out her age, he wiped her off his list of possibilities. That should’ve been the end of it, but for some reason, he can’t stop watching and admiring her from afar. Happy that he’s successfully maintained his distance, all that changes on the night Brooklyn walks into Inked Edges, asking him for an illegal tattoo. After that, all his carefully constructed barriers come tumbling down, taking them on an explosive ride of lust, passion, and desire.

All’s well that ends well, right? Too bad that wasn’t the end, but merely the beginning.

Page Length: 362
Publication Year: 2014
Genre: New Adult

Characters: Brooklyn Hall and Six Jagger

This story centers around the “forbidden romance” of Six and Brooklyn.

When I first started this book I really liked Six, but then I got about a quarter of the way through and things went a little downhill. Now don’t get me wrong I’m the first to admit that I like a bad boy and this is what Six is but as the story progressed I felt he was a little suffocating. I found his constant need to be around Brooklyn was a tad over the top! I also felt like sometimes when he was speaking to Brooklyn he was speaking down to her… and I’m not sure if that was the author’s intention or if it was just my perspective.

I did like Brooklyn’s character, she did have a backbone which was good but she is also fairly self-assured in that Six’s stripping didn’t bother her. Whereas if it had been the other way around and she was the one stripping Six probably wouldn’t have been so cool about it.

As the storyline went on I did find Brooklyn’s Father a little far fetched. I mean it probably is fairly accurate of most corrupt politicians (and I know very little about them) but it did seem a little OTT at times. [SPOLIER] I mean would you really still be having an affair with the women who killed your son?

I did like the romance between Brooklyn and Six even if it did happen a little bit fast, I do tend to like my romance to be a slow burn, so I would have liked a bit more of that. [SPOILER] I liked that in the end Six did the adult thing and stayed away until the restraining order against him had been lifted. I felt this was probably the healthiest thing for Brooklyn as it gave her a break from him to actually process what had happened to her.

Overall if you like steamy forbidden romance with a side of drama then I would definitely recommend this book to you!

My Rating: 2/5


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