Promise Me – Vivian Wood/Willow Winters


The Navy made me the man I am, but I wouldn’t have survived without her.

Violet Shaw. My Vi.

I made her a promise a long time ago, and she thinks I broke it. But I never stopped loving her. I never will.I was fool four years ago. I threw what we had away, thinking it was for her own good. No girl should have to wait around for a soldier that might never come home.Everyday I thought about her; I fought to come back to her.

Now that I’m back in our hometown, I see her everywhere, as curvaceous and tempting as ever. But all she’s doing is pushing me away.

I was her first and I want to be her last.

I just need one chance.

I threw what we had away once — I won’t make that mistake again. Vi is going to be mine.

Page Length: 202
Publication Year: 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Military/New Adult

Characters: Hunter and Violet

After reading a lengthy trilogy this was a nice change of pace. This story is centered around Hunter and Violet, who were high school sweethearts until Hunter left Violet to join the Navy. Now he is back and determined to make this right with Violet.

Although I did enjoy this story I didn’t really connect to any of the characters. I can say that I preferred Violet to Hunter, though. Hunter is your stereotype alpha male and his possessiveness was a little annoying although he did redeem himself when he beat the crap out of the guy who attacked Violet.

Umm there’s not much left to say really this book was short and sweet and I would recommend this a book to take on holiday and read by the pool.

My Rating: 3/5



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