Based – B.B Hamel


I can’t stop falling for my daredevil stepbrother.

Lincoln “Based” Carter is an arrogant a**hole and the most famous extreme sports athlete in the world. His idea of fun involves jumping off of skyscrapers and parachuting between buildings.

Until the day he crash lands through a car windshield and shatters both of his legs.

When I come home from college that summer, I’m surprised by the grunts of my hot-as-hell stepbrother working up a sweat during Physical Therapy. All in front of the camera crew that’s filming a documentary about his recovery.

Part of me wants to run, but I can’t stop staring at his tattoos and his ripped body.

We have a history, but we can’t be together. We can’t even be near each other without a camera around. And yet I spend all day fantasizing about his slightly damp white T-shirt clinging to his muscular frame. His constant cocky teasing is driving me crazy.

We may live the same house, but I’m afraid that if I let him get any closer then we’ll both drop right over the edge.


Page Length: 314
Publication Year: 2015
Genre: Romance
Characters: Aubrey and Lincoln


This story is told from the dual perspective of both Aubrey and Lincoln. They have previously met when their parents got married 2 years ago. I think it would have been interesting to have a little bit more about their initial introduction.

I’ve got, to be honest, this book didn’t make me feel anything much. It’s been sat on my kindle for months and I couldn’t remember why I hadn’t read it in the first place so I guess I have my reason now. It’s probably better suited for when you’re going on holiday and want to read something light by the pool.


I liked Aubrey although I thought it odd that she had no friends back home. It’s obvious that she’s not inexperienced as such but we don’t find out anything much about her previous relationships. There’s nothing that remarkable about her, she spends most of the book thinking about Lincoln and I think that’s why it was hard to connect to her, she didn’t have much personality.

Lincoln, again he’s a fairly bland character that leads an exciting life before his accident. He had slightly more personality as we know his passion is a base jumping and he has traveled a bit.

The chemistry between felt genuine for the most part and they worked well enough together that this wasn’t too much of a laborious read.


This was an ok read, I felt it was a little longer and drawn out than it should have been. It didn’t really have much depth to it. Overall I give it a 2/5.

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