Just Friends – Marie Cole


He’s my first crush.
I’m his best friend.
When we are pushed into a room alone together sparks start to fly and there isn’t anything anyone can do to put out the fire that sizzles between us.

Except maybe her
His girlfriend.

With her on his arm there couldn’t be a worse time to explore the depth of my feelings for him.

So for now we’re #JustFriends.
…Or are we?



Page Length: 224
Publication Year: 2017
Genre: Romance/New Adult
Characters: Elly and Kent

*I received a free copy of this in exchange for an honest review*


Wow, this book was so bad! I really hate giving bad reviews but I cannot find anything good about it. I’ve read books with a similar sort of storyline so I know its possible for them to written well. The whole thing at times was pretty cringy. No offense to Marie Cole but it felt like a 16-year-old had written this book.


Some of Elly’s behaviors were pretty disturbing! There is a chapter where she has sex with Kent whilst he’s half asleep, but the way it’s written it’s like she sexually assaulted him! Had it been the other way round I can guarantee rape would have been thrown around! Then afterward she says this:

“I couldn’t wait to be so close that so that I could smell him again. I didn’t wash my hair for three day’s after we studied together just so that I could still smell him on my body, somewhere.”

I’m sorry, WHAT??? That’s not loving someone that’s obsession! And also seriously messed up! Clearly, Elly could do with some therapy.

Also getting roofied so she can get a tattoo? What sort of tattooist in their right fucking mind would do that!! So unrealistic!

And Kent! He is not a good guy or a friend! What sort of person proposes to their girlfriend whilst stringing his best friend along. You can tell the entire time he has some kind of feelings for Elly but I wouldn’t call it love, because (to quote Grey’s Anatomy) “you don’t destroy the people you love” and this is exactly what he does to Elly every time he rejects her.

As far as a love interest go’s I felt he was a pretty despicable character, one of the lowest things he does is sleep with Elly just before he gets married and then brushes it off like nothing happens! What a douche!!


This book left such a bad taste in my mouth that I can’t in good conscience recommend it to anyone!  If you like books about being in love with your best friend then go and read Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern (I think is call Love, Rosie now).

My Rating:  1/5 🌟

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