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I stumbled upon this tag whilst browsing a group on GoodReads. There is a link to Crazy for YA’s  blog which is where the tag is posted.

Here we go:

Who would your parents be?


That’s a hard one… I think I’m going to go with Suze’s parents from the Mediator series.

Who would be your sister?


Katie from the Lux series because we could share our love of books and maybe calibrate on our vlog/blogs.

Who would be your brother?


Deacon from the Covenant Series. I love Deacon he’s such a caring character plus we could sit and binge watch Supernatural

Who would be your pet?


Fat Louie – The Princess Diaries, he’s a cat need I say more

Where would you live?


Carmel – which is where The Mediator takes place. I visited there a couple of years ago and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Where would you go to school?


Mythos Academy which is the school from The mythos academy series. It’s school for Myths, Magic, and Warriors.

Who would be your best friend?


Feyre from A Court of Mist and Fury! I love her character she is so badass and I’d have to visit the Night Court every time I’d want to visit her.

Who would be your significant other?


Ho this is hard….. It’s a toss up between Rhysand from A Court of Mist and Fury and Roth from White Hot Kiss…..I think I’m going to go with Roth. Mainly because I wouldn’t want to take Rhys away from Feyre!

And there you have it! 😊

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