Lets Talk (#1) – How to recover from a book hangover.


We’ve all been there, the gut-wrenching moment when you finish an amazing book and suddenly you no longer know what to do with yourself. Every book you try to start sucks in comparison. Nothing is catching your attention and all you want to do is crawl back into that world that just so brutally spat you out.

Sound familiar?

So what do you next? Well for me there are a few different ways that usually gets me over this:

  1. Prepare – this one is kind of difficult but if I know or suspect that I have a book that is going to do this me, then I like to have another book that I’m excited about waiting for me to start next.
  2. Talk about it – This week after finishing ACOWAR I felt like I’d lost a limb, so I logged onto facebook, went to my favorite fan group and started to commiserate with other people who were also feeling like me. Just being able to have an outlet for the emotional trauma helped loads.
  3. Write about/post a review – I find that writing about what I have just read helps clear my head. Which is why I like reviewing so much 😊
  4. Read something completely different – This is probably my number one thing that almost always works for me. Reading a completely different genre refocuses my attention so that I’m no longer thinking about what I have previously read.

And there you have it. I’d love to hear what you all do the recover from a book hangovers.


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5 thoughts on “Lets Talk (#1) – How to recover from a book hangover.

  1. Nothing really prepares for total immersion … so 1 isn’t really possible for me, but I agree 4, then 3, then, well, just time … let a bit of time pass, think about the book’s world, absorb, ruminate, and it’ll fade. Or find the sequel 😛

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  2. I’m about to finish the ACOTAR series and I know this will happen to me, so I think this is an awesome post to do! I already have a book picked out to read next, but I never really stray away from the one genre I read so I’m not sure if that could apply to me, but we’ll see

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