You Don’t Know Me – Faleena Hopkins


Is fame and money a blessing when it comes with the news that your whole life has been a lie?

Rue’s deceased mother kinda ‘fibbed’ about who her real father was. Big time.

On her 21st birthday she learns the truth by way of a $55,000,000.00 inheritance from a man she never got the chance to know.

Even more shocking? The two famous brothers Rue’s been reading about in magazines all her life are suddenly family.

Jack and Sean Stone aren’t happy to meet their new secret sister. And their mom? She had no idea the nanny and her husband had a little girl, long ago.

But when Jack sicks his rockstar best friend Alec Gabriel on her to see if she’s a good girl, or bad, did he ever expect what would happen?

The whole world is watching to see what Rue Calliwell will do with all that cash.


Page Length: 336
Publication Year: 2015
Genre:  New Adult, Romance
Characters: Rue, Jack, Shaun and Alec

Story / Characters

This book was so blah. It’s told from all four of the main character’s perspectives, which I felt was a bit too much for a such a short story, I found myself having to flip back to remind myself who was doing the talking!

I liked the idea of the story, but I felt it was very poorly executed! The characters were all vapid shallow people. I hated how the second Rue got the money she acted like a complete idiot. I thought that Jack not even having a slight inkling that his brother might be gay to be a bit unrealistic!

Also, there was a major case of insta-love – literally all it took was a shared look between Rue and Alec and BAM!!! I mean come on, Seriously?!


There’s not much more I can say about this book. I didn’t enjoy it and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Rating:  1/5 🌟

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