Sweet Summer Love – Sierra Hill



Everyone’s had a summer crush. One that’s etched into your memories so hard that it leaves an indelible mark, like a scar on your heart. For me, that crush is my first love, Carver Edwards. I met him at fifteen at summer camp, and for three perfect summers, he was mine. Until the blazing heat of the summer sun faded and reality crashed in. Carver went off to college, leaving me trapped in my small farming town, with no way of reaching him and a problem I needed solving.


As the senior captain of my college basketball team, all I’ve been focused on the past four years has been playing, school, getting drafted in the NBA, and steering clear of relationships. I didn’t want them. I had nothing to give another girl. I’d given it already. So, I built my rep as a player, and honed my natural ability to charm the pants off girls. It’s what I did. Who I was. Who I am. Until March, when a lay-up during a tournament landed me in an emergency room, under the care of Logan Shaw – my first love. Of all the people I could run into, why did it have to be her? Not only did my face get split wide open, but so did the locks that held the pain I’d attempted to bury for so many years. Now that she’s back in my life, we must face the truth and the consequences of our actions – even if it could destroy us. We must uncover the truths that have kept us shackled from moving forward. That could possibly set us free.


Page Length: 380
Publication Year:
New Adult
Characters:  Logan, Carver

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


This book is written in the first person from both Logan’s and Carver’s perspectives. I  thought the writing was good. The actual story itself was a bit of a let-down, it tells the story of Logan and Carver’s relationship. They first met at summer camp when they were around 15, due to Logan being from the poor side of town and because lives a few hours away from Carver, she decides to only see him during the summer so it doesn’t interrupt them being at school.

After sleeping with Carver for the first time Logan gets pregnant and gives the baby up for adoption. She tries to tell Carver but instead her messages to him get intercepted by his dad and he ends up paying her off, leaving her with the impression that Carver doesn’t want anything to with her.

5 years later they are reunited when Logan happens to be at a basketball game that Carver is playing in.

At times if felt like the author didn’t really know her own characters backgrounds. I was very confused about Logan’s upbringing because, to begin with it seems like she had it bad because her brothers were awful to her and father wasn’t around much but when he was he was good to her and looked after her, however when she came home pregnant at 17 he just threw her out! I just didn’t get it.

Also, the whole rich dad paying off the poor girl to keep her away from his son is a bit of a cliché.

I thought the pace that they started boning one another after reuniting to be a bit unrealistic. I thought Logan forgave Carver way to quick. Which for put a bit of a damper on the romance side of this story because I just didn’t find it believable.


I have to be honest and say that I didn’t connect with either of the main characters. Sure that were some personality traits that Logan had that I thought were ok, but mainly I think that she should have been treated better and could have done better than Carver. On the subject of Carver, his character left a real bad taste in my mouth. He is your typical player, before getting back with Logan he just bangs lots “Hoop Bunnies” as he has affectionately nicknamed them. This, however, is not what put me off him, I think it was the second time he was being intimate with Logan that this line appeared:

“My hands grip her hips hard and I smile perversely knowing that she’ll have dark bruises there when I’m done with her”


I’m sorry, what? How is this ok? after that I lost all interest in him. It might just be me but I think its fucked up that he would want to bruise her, more so because he actually describes his smile as perverse so he knows that it’s unacceptable and it still turns him on.


The best way to summarize without being too harsh.. I didn’t like this book and I definitely wouldn’t recommend.

My Rating:  1/5 🌟

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