The Get to Know Me Tag

As I’m still making my way through Red Rising (which I’m freaking loving) at the moment I thought I’d have ago at this tag.

I found this Tag over on The Bent Bookworm’s Blog. So let’s get started:

Vital Stats

Name: Tracey
Nicknames: Trace, TJ, Titch
Birthday: 23/06/87
Star Sign: Cancer
Occupation: Office Assistant


Hair Color:  Dark Brown
Hair Length:  I’m growing out my bob so it’s nearly touching my shoulders at the front.
Eye Color:  Green with a brownie ring around my pupil so I guess Haze?
Best Feature: Eyes
Braces: No
Piercings: 4, 2 in each ear
Tattoos: 1 on my back
Right or Left: Right


Real Holiday: San Francisco
Best Friend:  Jemma
Award: Um probably for playing netball when I was in junior school lol
Sport: Netball
Concert: Enrique Iglesias


TV Show(s): Grey’s Anatomy & Game of Thrones
Color: Purple
Song: Payphone by Maroon 5 and Stars by Sixx.AM
Restaurant: Chiquito
Shop: Amazon
Books: Ah don’t make me choose! At the moment its  A Court of Mist and Fury and Every Last Breath
Shoes: My Converse – they are soo comfy


Feeling: Tired
Single or Taken: Taken
Eating: Nothing
Thinking About: the weekend
Watching: Nothing
Wearing: Pyjamas


Want Children: Nope I’m happy with just my cat!
Want To Be Married:  I already am!
Careers In Mind: I’d like to get into Social Media Marketing
Where You Want To Live: Ultimately I would love to love in Carmel, CA

Do You Believe In

God: No
Miracles: hmm well I’d like to say yes but I think its more down to probability.
Love At First Sight: lust maybe but not love
Ghosts: I’m in two minds about this because I’m a science girl at heart so 85% percent of my mind thinks no way, but then the other 15% is like well maybe lol
Aliens: I’m a firm believer that we are not alone in this vast universe
Soul Mates: No because while it’s a nice romantic notion the reality of it is quite depressing.
Heaven: Nah
Hell: Nah
Kissing On The First Date: If your both feeling it, then yeah why not
Yourself: Some days yes and some days no.

That’s it. I’m leaving this tag-free, but feel free to have a go yourself!

Until Next Time 🤓

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