Other Pursuits (#3) August 17

Hello and welcome to my monthly round up!


Game of Thrones – Season 7

Season 7.png

I can’t believe it’s over…. This season was so good!

Highlights for me:

  • Arya getting to the Frey’s
  • The Dany & Jon meeting
  • Olenna – “Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.”
  • The Stark Family Reunion
  • Grey Worm & Missandei
  • Dany raining Dragon Fire down on the Lannister army!
  • Davos tracking down Gendry and cracking a joke about rowing
  • Arya & Brienne sparring
  • The Hound – I just love every scene this guy is in!
  • The Littlefinger take down: “You stand accused of murder, you stand accused of treason. How do you answer these charges … Lord Baelish?”
  • The L+R Revelation

I could list more, it feels endless so much epic stuff happened! The satisfaction of the Littlefinger take down is immense I literally squealed when Sansa delivered that line! And now the long wait for season 8 begins!

 Grey’s Anatomy the Re- Watch









I touched on this last month, so I thought I’d update you on where I’m at with this. I’ve made it to Season 4, and I’m not enjoying this season at all. Before I began this rewatch I was McDreamy fan but I have to say I really hating on Derek at the moment. He is such as ass to Meredith, giving her ultimatums and rushing her into settling down. As Izzy would say, “Seriously?” One last thing, I love Mark, I really wish they hadn’t killed him off.

The Originals Season 4

The O.png

Netflix finally added season 4 a couple of weeks ago. I’m only up to episode 4 but I’m not loving the theme so far, which I’m fairly annoyed about because I really like this show and last season was totally kick ass. I am enjoying watching Klaus getting to know Hope and of course, anytime Elijah in screen is good times. Freya & Marcel are annoying the ever loving crap out of me though.


Guardians go the Galaxy Vol 2

I have very mixed feelings about this movie, there are some really great scenes and I’m a huge Groot fan, but I did feel slightly underwhelmed by the whole thing. I don’t know I think I just had really high expectations because I loved the first movie so much.

Lego Batman

I actually went to the cinema to see this when it came out, it’s so funny! I like how that although this is a kids movie, there is lots of adult humor. All in all its just a lot of silly fun so if you’re looking for a funny movie to watch I recommend this one.


Ah Logan, this movie destroyed me! I really wasn’t prepared at all. If you’ve not watched it yet then I advise you have chocolate and tissues nearby because your gonna need them.

Other things-2

Last week I had a couple of days off work, and during that time I went and got my first book related tattoo. As you probably know (if you have been following my blog for awhile) I’m a huge Sarah J.Maas fan and I particularly love the A Court of Thornes & Roses Series, so I present to you my take on the Night Court Sigil:


It’s still all red and swollen in this pic because it was taken right after I had it done, once its finished healing I’ll post an updated photo. a

Apart from that August has been low-key. As it’s the summer holidays I tend to stay in doors away from all the screaming kids that tend to be on the loose at this time of year.

That’s it from me today. Have a great weekend y’all!

sig V2

3 thoughts on “Other Pursuits (#3) August 17

  1. I really want to watch the Lego Batman movie! I went to see the Lego Movie in theaters and thought it was so funny and just all-around a great movie. I love your tattoo, by the way! It looks so pretty 🙂

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