1 Year Blogiversary!​

Hey everyone, 1 year ago today I started my blog! It honestly feels a lot longer though. Today I’m taking a look back at what has happened over the past year:

1 . What I have I learned:

Blogging is hard work! I never realized just how time-consuming having a blog would be until I started but it is very rewarding. I have really enjoyed learning lots of new things. Creating my own content and just making my blog look how I want it to look, which was a huge challenge at first, mainly because I was so indecisive and I didn’t really know how to make it look how I wanted it to look. Grasping the use of WordPress has helped me to get my blog looking just like I want it to.

2. Biggest Challenge I have faced:

Time management, I’m not an organized person by nature so I have to really work at making time to sit and write my posts. I’ve also really had cut back recently in terms of the amount I was posting because it was just too much with everything else I have going on in my life at the moment.

3. My Favorite Post:

This has to the piece I wrote about Tamlin from (A Court of Thorns and Roses) it’s the only time I’ve done a real in-depth character analysis as such and it was so interesting to really get inside his head and share my thoughts. I really hope to do a follow-up piece next year, I really want to write a Tamlin/Rhyand comparison!


1 year stats

Goals for Next Year:

  1. Be more active on Social Media
  2. Coming up with a proper schedule and sticking it to
  3. Create new and engaging content
  4. Keep a good posting pace and not stress about posting enough
  5. Keep having Fun!

Until Next Time! 🤓

sig V2


6 thoughts on “1 Year Blogiversary!​

  1. Congratulations!!!! And keeping it fun is the most important goal you can give yourself. If it stops being fun, something is fundamentally wrong.;-) And being active Social Media is something else that’s time consuming. I wish we had more hours in a day.;-)

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