[Book Review] Bad Boy Rich by Kat T. Mason


He called himself Bad Boy Rich.
The baddest boy in town.
Not my town, but the land of Hollywood.
A place where dreams come true, or—become your nightmare.
I was stuck somewhere in the middle.

After losing her job and forced to provide for her sick mother, Milana is offered the role of a lifetime—PA to the famous Emerson Chase—and dives head first into the world of the Rich…

Wesley Rich.

A self-proclaimed bad boy.
The ultimate heartbreaker, and—he’s Emerson’s ex-fiancé.
A lethal mix that Milana should stay away from.

Driven by sex, jealously and mind games, they form an obsessive love.
But everyone knows bad boys don’t play nice.
They play rough.
They get dirty.
And they’ll break you in the worst possible way.


Publication Date: 24th July 2018
Page Length: 400
Characters: Milana, Wesley


*I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Oh jeez, this book really wasn’t my cup of tea. 

There was so much wrong with it and for once I know exactly where to start and it’s with this paragraph here: 

“He was awesome…except for when he got into a mood and acted like an overly hormonal teenager with a brooding face. And his obsession with my whereabouts and responding to his messages. Now that I think of it, it was borderline creepy. 

But the best-sex-you’ve-ever-had outweighs creepy by a longshot. This is what happens when your boyfriend is insanely sexy and has the stamina of a wild stallion. Your vagina becomes a bossy bitch and boy did she boss me around”

So by this logic, as long as the sex is great it gives a guy carte blanche to behave like an utter bell end?? It’s disturbing that she things like this and it gives a really bad message, I’m so sick of reading books where this sort of mindset is the norm. 

The story didn’t get better from this point it actually got worse. Thinking back this should have been a DNF because I wasted a good 3 hours reading this. Like it could have been redeemed if there characters and gotten their shit together before the last 3 pages of the book. 

I’m so done. 

My rating 1/5 🌟

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