Book Review: A Princess’s Duty by Sloane Murphy


Emilia Daarke has wanted to escape the Summer Court her entire life. She’s not brutal A-Princess's-Duty-Ebooklike the other Fae. She’s not savage. But they are.

When the boy she loves, Cade Vasara, Crowned Prince of the Winter Court, kills Emilia’s twin, they are torn apart and Emilia’s love for Cade dies just like her sibling did.

Years later, she has fallen in love with a hunter – a forbidden love that goes against all that she has been taught. A man her father will never approve of. When her secret is outed, her father captures her Hunter and gives Emilia an ultimatum.

If she succeeds, she’ll lose the one she loves. But if she fails, he will die, and she will never be able to forgive herself…


I received an advanced copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

I love stories about the Fae so this one caught my attention the minute I heard about it. This is the first book by Sloane Murphy that I have read so I went in with no expectations, just hoping for a good read and I’m pleased to say that it was fantastic. I liked how it has a blend of the traditional courts but it still had its own uniqueness. This story is very dark, lots and lots of crude behavior and some very disturbing sex scenes, these weren’t bad things as it really set the scene for just how messed up things are in the Courts. 

I immediately liked Emilia, she is different from all the other Fae around, whilst they are bloodthirsty and happy to part take in debauchery, she sticks to the shadows and hopes for peace for her and her people. I was a little worried there would be a love triangle situation because I did not like that the Hunter guy she was in love with but it wasn’t a big theme in the long run. I definitely preferred Cade, some of the story was told from his PoV too and it really helped me to understand his character more. I can’t not mention what a vile pig their father was, well actually so was Emilia’s father to be fair, but there is one particular scene with Winter King and it was like yeah this way more New Adult than YA, but love it! 

The ending was gobsmacking! I did not see that huge twist coming… just jaw-dropping! I was screaming internally… how… what…why????  Ahhh I can’t wait for the next book I need answers! 

I so so recommend this, particularly if you love your fantasy a little darker and dirtier because this book has all it. Also, the cover is just so freaking gorgeous, I’m so in love with it and fits the story beautifully. 


My Rating: 4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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