Book Review: Once Upon a Cowboy by Stina Lindenblatt


Cinderella’s fairy godmother just turned hot. And male. Very, very male.

42092764Sexy cowboy Jake Daniels has three priorities in his life: his horse ranch that he
manages with his brother, his family, and Sophie West. Sophie is the ranch’s horse trainer and his close friend. The one thing he doesn’t have time for is a girlfriend. And he especially doesn’t have time for a relationship with an employee. Mixing business with pleasure never ends well. Been there. Done that. Had it branded on his ass.

Not a problem—until Sophie asks for his help. She’s tired of being single. She’s ready to find her soul mate—or at least a nice man. The issue? She’s socially awkward around guys she’s interested in. The solution? Recruit Jake to be her “fairy godfather” and help her be more confident, especially around the new veterinarian who just moved into town.

Great plan, except Sophie’s no naive Cinderella and Jake realizes if anyone’s going to be her Prince Charming, he wants it to be him. If only he didn’t have to put his heart on the line to win hers.


✨I recieved an advanced copy of this book on exchange for an honest review ✨

Recently I have developed a little obsession with Cowboys so obviously jumped at the chance to read the next installment of the Copper Creek series. The setting of these books is so picturesque it makes me want to pack my backs an haul ass to the countyside. I liked how this story played out, the Cindarella Vibes were very amusing and made this book a real fun read. Just like the previous book, this one is told entirely from the male leads POV which is always a nice change.

I liked both Jake and Sophie, I  thought thier friendship was really sweet. They just seemed so perfect for one another I just wanted them to hurry up and confess their feelings for one another already. Sophie is sweet and a litte innocent due to a bad past experience, I think it would have been nice to have a passage or two from her POV just see what she was feeling. Jake thinks he knows what he wants but really wants the opposite and it was great to watch him grow and realise this. I have to mention Jakes brothers, they have that typical brotherly bond and I enjoyed all the banter that this brought to the story.

To sum it up this was a fantastic follow up,  I can’t find any fault with it. If you are after a light breezy rom-com then to add this to your TBR’s!

My Rating 4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟


Sneak Peak: Read the first 2 chapters

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About the Author 

I’m a traditionally and indie published romance author. My traditional books are heavy on heart and emotion. My indie books are on the light and hilarious side of things. But either way, my stories are full of sexy times. I love to travel, and have lived in England, the US, Canada, and Finland. In my free time, I enjoy photography, especially the close-up variety.


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