Reading Challenges 2019



I didn’t meet my goal of 130 last year, so this year I lower my goal slightly to 125.

Beat the Backlist


About the Challenge:

A new year, a new TBR pile, and a new set of readers tackling their backlist!

Welcome to Beat the Backlist (the 2019 edition)! This reading challenge dedicated to helping you knock those backlist books off your ever-growing to-read list. Any genre, any format, any length.

What is a “backlist” book, you may ask? This is any book that has already been released. For the purposes of this challenge, this is any book published in 2018 or earlier. If you have books on your TBR from 2018 and before, then this is the challenge for you.

Any format, you say? Yes! If it counts as a book on Goodreads, it’s fair game for this challenge. This includes physical books, eBooks, audiobooks, ARCs and eARCs, anthologies, etc.

Do I have to own the book to count it? Absolutely not! Your TBR isn’t restricted to what you own and neither is this challenge! Whether you own the book, borrowed from the library or a friend, or whatever the case may be, all books are welcome!

More info including guidelines and sign up can be found here!

Firstly an update about last years challenge I only managed 46 of out my 80 total, so I completely failed 😂

Taking the above into account I’m going set this year’s goal at a more reasonable 50.

I’m also going to be taking part in their weekly photo challenge (prompts can be found here if you want to take part) this will be happening on my Instagram.

Pop Sugar


This is a new challenge for me and I’m excited to try and check off as many of these has books as I can, more info about this challenge can be found on the Pop Sugar Website. I’ll probably skip the advanced section and just stick with the main challenge.

I’ll be keeping you all up to date with how I’m getting on with these challenges in my monthly round-up posts at the end of each month.

Are you taking part in any reading challenges this year? Let me know in the comments.

More Later 🤓



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