πŸ“š The 5 W’s Book Tag πŸ“š

I haven’t done a tag in ages!

I found this over on Bionic Book Work’s blogΒ so be sure to check her blog out.

Let’s get started :

1 – WHO? Who is an author you’d love to have a one on one with?

This would have to be Jennifer L. Armentrout! I seriously love her books, like all of them! It would be great to be able to pick her brains about all my favourite characters.Β 

2 – WHAT? What genre or style do you most gravitate to?

Romance because I’m a real sucker for a happy ending and they almost always have one.

3 – WHERE? Where do you prefer to read?

Either on my sofa or in bed, I like to be comfy!Β 

4 – WHEN? What time of the day do you prefer to read?

Umm, probably in the morning or late evening.Β 

5 – WHY? Why is your favourite book your favourite book?

This is a tricky one because I have don’t have one favourite. The books that do make my favourites list usually have a mix of everything I love to read about, so romance, adventure, intrigue and a little bit of drama.Β 

BONUS! How do you go about selecting what you’ll read next?

I’m very much an emotional reader so I go by whatever I’m feeling in the mood for next, although I am trying to read more book off my TBR so I am trying to better with my choices.Β 

That’s it, I’m not tagging anyone today but do feel free to give this one ago.

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