[#2] Six for Sunday – Books I want To be Written​

I’m going to be taking part in this weekly meme which is hosted by A Little But a Lot. You can find the weekly prompts here.

This week’s prompt is: Books I want to be written

1. More Romance story’s where the main character’s remain child-free. I read I lot of romance and almost all of them end with the characters getting married and having children, I’d love to see more of them end where they go off have great adventures together instead of starting a family.

2. More Sarah J. Maas. I know She has a few books lined up but I need more! I love her writing, here stories always suck me in and they full of such amazing characters.

3. More good quality YA Sci-Fi novels set in space. I love the Red Rising series so I’d really like to see more books like this written. I’ve not found many other books in this genre that are that good so it would be great to have some more.

4. More Mermaid novels! These are my favourite mystical creatures but again I’m finding it hard to find good stories about them in short supply.

5. Stories feature stories about genetic engineering – I don’t think I’ve come across one that has quite hit the spot for me, not that I have found many of them tbh.

6. This ties in with number 3 but more books about Aliens, specifically ones where they are hiding on earth.


That’s it, all the books I want to be written!

More next time 🤓

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