Spotify Book Tag

After a long ass monday, I thought I’d do a fun post. This tag was created by Sarah over on Book Hooked Nook  so make sure you check out her site when you are done here.

Lets begin:

1. Hit Rewind: a book you go back to again and again? 

Hooking Up by Helena Hunting, I fell in love this book a couple of years ago when it first came out and I have re-read it numerous times.


2. Romantic Ballads: a book that gives you all those fluttery feels?

Oh I’ve just finished a book that gave me all those feels, Tapping the Billionaire by Max Monroe. It had a superising amount of cham.


3. Release Radar: a new release book you are excited for?

The Play by Elle Kennedy


4. Discover Weekly: a book you haven’t read yet but want to discover? 

Slayer by Kiersten White – as a huge buffy fan I really can’t wait to read this one and its set in the same world.


5. Alone Again: your fave book genre to read on your own?

Romance without a doubt


6. Alternative: an indie book or author everyone should read!

7. Cheesy Hits: a book full of cheese that you just love?

That Man Next Door by Nadia Lee – is a little on the cheesey side but I love it and have no regrets!


8. Summer Hits: a book you re-read every summer?

Totally Aelin from Tog – The girl is the definition of badass!


10. All Out 10’s: list ten banging books!

So hard picking just 10 but here you go.

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