[#7] Tell Me Something Tuesday: Blacksheep Books and Authors

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly discussion hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings.  A wide range of topics from books to blogging is discussed. Weigh-in and join the conversation by adding your thoughts in the comments. If you want to do your own post, grab the question and answer it on your blog.

The topic this week is Blacksheep Books and Authors

1. The Hate U Give

When this came out there was so much hype that I had to see what all the fuss was about and boy was it disappointing.


2. It Ends With Us

I can’t even with this book, it makes me angry just thinking about it. Seriously the most cringe and cliche portrayal of domestic abuse.


3. Beautiful Disaster

This book just made me so flipping angry. A typical angry bad boy with control issues portrayed as normal.


4. Lullaby

So problematic for many reasons, add poor character development and it was just a disaster.


5. Fifty Shades of Grey

I could write a thesis on all the ways that this book is just super messed up. Plus the repetitive use of the same words over and over again was just plain annoying and don’t get me started on the inner goddess thing!


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