[#8] Tell Me Something Tuesday: How do you handle writing reviews for books that you didn’t love?

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly discussion hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings.  A wide range of topics from books to blogging is discussed. Weigh-in and join the conversation by adding your thoughts in the comments. If you want to do your own post, grab the question and answer it on your blog.

The topic this week is How do you handle writing reviews for books that you didn’t love?

It’s really heard. I don’t really want to tear down someone’s writing so I try to be really constructive with my criticism, I try to fully explain specifically what it was that I didn’t like about the book.

I’ve cut down a lot on writing negative reviews because I like reading to be a positive experience. Recently I’ve not reviewed books that I haven’t enjoyed. Also, I’ve gotten really good and avoiding books that I’m not going to like.


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