[#10] Tell Me Something Tuesday

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly discussion hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings.  A wide range of topics from books to blogging is discussed. Weigh-in and join the conversation by adding your thoughts in the comments. If you want to do your own post, grab the question and answer it on your blog.

The topic this week is How do you feel about the proposal being pushed to change Halloween to always be on the last Saturday of October instead of the 31st?

Firstly, I didn’t even know this was a thing! So after a bit of googling a found the petition and read the reasons why and I have come to the conclusion that I think its a really f@#king dumb idea. It pains me to say this because I am one but bloody Millenials!!!

“51 per cent of millennials say Halloween is their favourite holiday, why cram it into two rushed evening weekday hours when it deserves a full day!?”


Here’s a better idea instead of trying to change the date of a 2000-year-old tradition how about campaigning to make Halloween a nation holiday?? Seriously Whats next? let change Christmas to last weekend of December? Urgh!!


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