Blogtober: Local Ghost Story

Blogtober is a month-long challenge hosted by Anniek’s Library, full list of topics here.

This took a little bit of googling because I tend to stay away from spooky stories. This first one is about Wymering Manor in Portsmouth, which about 5 miles away from me.

The Lady in the Violet Dress

The manor has several different ghosts and paranormal occurrences associated with it all of which have contributed to the property’s reputation as one of Hampshire’s most haunted places. Among the most well-known stories is the ‘lady in the violet dress’. Thomas Parr was living in the house when he encountered the lady in the violet dress standing by the foot of his bed when he woke one night. It was the spirit of a cousin of his who had passed away in 1917. She seemed friendly and as her name suggests, she was dressed in a violet dress. She chatted with Thomas for a short time before saying ‘Well, Tommy dear, I must leave you now as we are waiting to receive Aunt Em’. She then promptly disappeared and the following morning Thomas received a telegram informing him that his Aunt Em had died during the night.


giphy (1).gif

The second story is about about a road that is a county away from me, still freaky af!

The A229, Sussex

Several drivers have told of the same harrowing experience on the A229, in which a girl dressed all in white steps out in front of their car, giving the driver the impression they’ve run her over. In most cases, the girl has disappeared into thin air as soon as the driver stops to look, but one man reports that he covered her body with a blanket before she vanished, leaving the blanket behind. The girl is thought to be the ghost of Judith Langham, who was killed in an accident on the road on her wedding day in 1965, while wearing her wedding dress.


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