[#24] Six for Sun day: Six bookish habits

Six for Sunday is a weekly meme that is hosted by A Little But a Lot. You can find the weekly prompts here.

This week’s prompt is:  Six bookish habits

My six picks are:

  1. I keep a track of books I’ve read and DNF’d.
  2. When I travel I only read on the journey, as soon I as reach my destination and don’t read again until the journey home.
  3. I always use a book mark, if I use something else like a little piece of paper I always end up losing it.
  4. I can only read up to 2 books at a time, anymore and I lose track.
  5. If a book is being made into a movie and it looks good then I always make the effort to read the book first.
  6. My newest habit is for every 2 romance books I read, I’ll read a fantasy or Sci-Fi book in between.

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