[#10] Thursday Chatter: Corona Virus

Thursday Chatter is a weekly meme hosted by me! Where I chat about lots of different things, you can find a list of upcoming topics here.

This week’s topic is: Carona Virus

I thought I’d use this week’s post to check and see how everyone is doing during this crazy time.

Things here in the UK are pretty much starting to come to a halt, cinemas are closing, shops are sold out because people are panic buying, travel has all but come to a standstill and all schools/colleges will be closed from Friday.

I’m still going to work, I work in a GP Surgery, we’ve changed all our appointments to telephone calls and only seeing patients when absolutely necessary, I think at some point there will be home working but who knows, it changes all the time.

Although I’ve not needed to self-isolate I have been practicing social distancing as much as possible, which personally is not all that difficult for as I’m fairly anti-social anyway.

It’s all a bit surreal… like I’m fully aware of what’s happening and I know what I should and shouldn’t do but I can’t believe how quickly things are escalating.

How are things where you are? 





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