Instagram Jail and WordPress Blocks


I was doing a little spring cleaning of instagram on Sunday evening, unfollowing some accounts that I was no longer interested in and there were a lot of them. I must have unfollowed too many too fast because the lovely people at Instagram have put a block on my account for a whole damn!!! That’s right I can’t post or like anything until Sunday (21st June) I’m so pissed because I had a lot of book promo to do this week and it’s basically gone down the toilet. I’ve tried messaging them and of course had ZERO response – I mean god forbid they actually look at their support messages.


I had this whole new plan for my Insta account that I was going to start implimenting because I’d been neglecting it a bit recently and now that has to wait as well. It’s so frustrating.

WordPress Blocks

I can’t be the only one dislikes this new editor, can I? I actually hate it, it’s not user friendly and just plain annoying. It takes twice as long to write a post if I’m starting from scratch.. Seriously WordPress?? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for making things more dynamic especially when it comes to creating posts but the love of god not at the expense of usability.


Anywhoo I think I’ve ranted enough, if you’d like to follow me on insta the link is here, I’ll follow you back as soon as I’m allowed.

Until next time.

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4 thoughts on “Instagram Jail and WordPress Blocks

  1. For what it’s worth, the new WordPress editor was working a lot better before they opened it up to everyone. Now some bugs (especially with photos) have popped up. I really like it, but I’ve been using it about a year. It took some getting used to, though.

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