[#19] Thursday Chatter: Lockdown Birthday

Thursday Chatter is a weekly meme hosted by me! Where I chat about lots of different things, you can find a list of upcoming topics here.

When I thought of this topic I must have had some sort of idea what I was going to write about but apart from it being my Birthday this week I have no clue… oops. So I’ll guess I’ll talk about my lockdown birthday and hopefully not bore you too much.

A usual Birthday for me involves a day out some where, dinner in my favourtie restaurant, presents and of course CAKE!

This year was a little different becuase of Corona, nothing much is open here in the UK and what is open is not worth (this is a personal opionion) the hassel of the having to deal with ques and people, So I did stay at home which was really nice (its probs my fav place to be anyway) the weather was sunny and very warm. I spent the most of the time chilling my hammock reading with a cocktail or two! This was followed by delicious birthday cake made by my husband, a home cooked a meal and to finish off the day we roasted Smore’s as the sun set – not to shabby really.

These are a few photos I took on the day:

Have you celebrated your birthday in lockdown? What did you do? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time.

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4 thoughts on “[#19] Thursday Chatter: Lockdown Birthday

  1. I had a lockdown birthday too. We had family over (hubs birthday is the day before mine), but some chose to keep their distance still. Totally fine. Overall, I don’t do much for my adult birthays, so it wasn’t much different than usual. Hope your birthday was happy!

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