[#10] Blogtober: Tips to get out of a reading slump

Todays topic comes from Jenniely

Tips for getting out of a reading slump

As a reader’s I think we can all say that we have gone through at least one reading slump at some point. For me, these are actually worse than a book hangover. Losing motivation or desire to read is like losing a limb – traumatic, painful, and not at all natural. So how to get out of one? I come up with a few things that help me and I hope they help you to. 

  1. Give yourself time. I went through a little slump during the first few months of the pandemic,  I had no motivation to read at all, and sometimes just taking some away really helps.
  2. Try and audiobook, preferably of a book by an author you already love or a book you may have already read. 
  3. Try a different genre. If nothing you normally read is piquing your interest try something new. 
  4. Ask for recommendations, there’s a huge book community out there, from Facebook groups to GoodReads and Instagram, and with that will come recommendations galore.
  5. Stop procrastinating, take a break from your phone, or anything else that may be distracting you. 
  6. Reread an old favorite – this one usually always works for me. Reading something I’ve loved already almost always motivates me to get back into reading. 
  7. Read a short story/novella – not tried this one myself but I’ve heard it helps. 
  8. Go to a book shop or library, just being surrounded by books always gets me excited to read. 




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