[#11] Blogtober: Why Autumn is the best time for readers

Todays topic comes from Jenniely

Why Autumn is the best time for readers

I’m not one of those people that gets all excited for Autumn, to me autumn means a count down to winter and I loath winter, long dark nights and short days – no thanks.

I do enojoy the changing colours of autumn and the comfort of wrapping up in my favourite hoodie and fluffy socks. Two things that you can also pair with reading. I will also admit that whilest I love the sun I don’t enjoy the hot humidity that we get here in England – its just gross, when the weather is like that you don’t want to do anything except sit in a well air conditioned room. So Autumn is kind of a perfect reading time because at the begining its still warm enough that you aren’t freezing and not so hot that you are literally sweating your tits off. 


How do you feel about Autumn? 

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