Reading Challenges 2021

GoodReads 2021

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Last year I set myself th goal of reading 90 books and I manged to read 92 which I’m pretty happy about. This year I’ve only upped my number a little bit, I’m hoping to read 95 books.

Beat the Backlist 2021



The book must have been published in 2020 or earlier to count.It can be in any format (including an ARC/eARC) as long as the release date is 2020 or earlier (i.e. 2021 releases are not allowed).

You have to start and finish the book in 2021 to count it. Any books started in 2020 and finished in 2021 do not count. Any books started in 2021 and finished in 2022 also do not count.

The challenge runs from January 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021
(your local time)

Everything beyond these 3 rules is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL and designed just for fun so you can put in as much or as little as you want into this challenge.

More info and sign up can be found here!

Last year I read I hit my goal of reading 35 books on my tbr but I only just managed this so I’m going to be cautious and set my goal at 38 books this year.

Pretty Mess Reading 2021 Reading Challenge

This book is hosted by Pretty Mess Reading. This challenge is to read a book every 2 weeks from 26 different categories. I’m excited about taking part in this challenge because I really want to expand on the genres of books I’m reading and I think this challenge will help prompt me to do this.

You can sign up here.

[Not Continuing in 2021]

The Bad Boys of Romance Reading Challenge 

Just throwing in an update here for this challenge that I took part in last year I read 12 bad boy books and made it to Level Two – Engaged to the Bad Boy. I won’t be doing this challenge again this year I wasnt to try something different but it was a really fun challenge to do.

Are you taking part in any reading challenges this year? 

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