[Book Review]Roommate by Sarina Bowen


Wanted: One roommate to share a 3-bedroom house, split the rent, and ideally not be the guy I can’t stop thinking about.
I’m a man with too many secrets, so the last thing I need is a new roommate with a sexy smile and blue eyes that see right through me. Eight years ago, Roderick left town after high school. We’re not friends. I owe him nothing. But back then, I let one of my secrets slip, and he’s the only one who noticed.
Part of me knows I should run far, far away. But the other part wants him to come upstairs and spend the night. But if I let him in, I could lose everything.

Seeking: A room to rent in town. I’m tidy, have no pets, and I will feed you homemade bread.
I should probably add: Gay AF, and has no filter. It’s no wonder my new landlord is so wary of me.
A smarter man would ignore those hot glances from Kieran Shipley. The broody lumberjack wants more from me than another homemade pretzel, but if I push my luck, I’ll end up back on the street.
Too bad I’ve never been smart with my heart …

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Book Facts

Published: January 2021
Genre: Romance
Format: e-Arc

✨ I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 

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This is my first read of 2021 and it was so good!

Kieran has is trying to carve his own path in life, he works two jobs and is on the verge of moving out of his family home and hiding a few secrets. Roddy has returned home after a messy breakup, unfortunately, he is met with a less than warm welcome from his parents and is reduced to sleeping in his care until he can get a job.

I enjoyed both the characters but Roddy was hands down my favorite! I loved how unapologetic he was about being himself, I definitely think brought out the best in Kieran. Also, all the food that is mentioned in this story sounds delicious, you’ll definitely want snacks whilst reading!

As always with Sarina, the writing is superb I thought the pacing of the romance was well done and realistic. She captured the struggle these two characters went through perfectly, ah I just loved how it all played out – it had everything I love in a romance novel.

In a nutshell…

This was a great book to start my reading year, highly recommended if you loved Sarina’s previous MM romance books.

My Rating: 4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟


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About the Author

Sarina Bowen is the award-winning author of more than thirty contemporary novels. She has hit the USA Today bestseller’s list sixteen times and counting. Formerly a derivatives trader on Wall Street, Sarina holds a BA in economics from Yale University.

Sarina is a New Englander whose Vermont ancestors cut timber and farmed the north country since the 1760s. Sarina is grateful for the invention of indoor plumbing and wi-fi during the intervening 250 years. She lives with her family on a few wooded acres in New Hampshire.

Sarina’s books are published in a dozen languages on four continents.

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