Midyear Refresh

Hello everyone

I’m back from my little hiatus. It’s been nice to have a little break but I’m eager to be back blogging. I’ve come up with a couple of fun new posts and I’ve taken the decision to retire a few.

Posts that are takings a break:

  • It’s Monday What Are You Reading? 
  • Book Blogger Hop

I’m just not excited about doing these at the moment and they have become a bit of a chore to do them so for now, I won’t be producing anymore content under those titles.

Posts that are staying:

  • Six for Sunday
  • Quotable Tuesday

NEW posts!!!

This is what I’ve come up with during my time away:

The Great GoodReads TBR Cleanse of 2021 

If you are anything like me, you’ll have a never ending TBR list. Mine hit 400 not longer ago on GoodReads but I really desperately needs me to go through it and remove books that I’m no longer interested in, I mean I have books on there going back to 2014! So each week for as long as it takes I’m going to pick off 10 books from list and decide which to keep and which to remove. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile so I thought blogging about as I go will hopefully give me the motivation to finally do.

Recent Reads

This post is pretty self-explanatory – instead of sharing what I’m currently reading, I’ll share a summary of what I’ve recently read each week and if I’ve written reviews I’ll be link those to this post as well.

And Finally….

I have been really lazy when it comes to writing reviews this year, so I’m going to try really hard to post atlas 1 per week from now on. In summary this is what my new posting schedule is going to look something like this:

SundaySix For Sunday 
MondayFree Day/Promo
TuesdayQuotable Tuesday
WednesdayBook Review  Day
ThursdayThe Great GoodReads Cleanse of 2021
FridayRecent Reads 
SaturdayFree Day/Book Tag/Promo etc

All these changes will come in to effect W/C 12th July. I just need one more week to finalise and get properly organised.

Thanks for bearing with me.

Until next time

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