Mini Reviews: Stargazer by Wendy S. Marcus & Safeguard by Stephanie Rose



Randall Dickson is coping. Sort of. An upcoming medical eval, one that could end his military career, has him stressed and making bad choices. So when a concerned friend issues a strongly-worded “invitation” to Vermont, R.D. is all in for a change of scenery, a temporary job as a bartender, and the opportunity to shake himself out of his self-destructive routine.

Then he sets eyes on his seriously sexy new co-worker…

Lily Reynolds, an artist by day, Speakeasy’s favorite bartender at night, works hard to stay positive, unlike her surly new coworker. He may be a treat to look at, but that grumpy attitude and terse manner are not her type. So when Lily finds herself in desperate need of someone to share expenses, she convinces R.D. to rent her vacant room. There’s no way she’ll find herself falling for him.

She’d like to find the secret admirer who’s leaving her secret love notes around the bar, though. But he won’t reveal himself…

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Genre: Romance
Page Length: 191
Publication Date: 2nd September 2021
Format: eBook


RD and lily are such a delight to read, I loved how their love story played out.

This is an opposites attract troupe and it worked really well. Lilly is a artist trying to make ends met and RD is an injured Marine with a slight problem with pain pills. I was expecting a fairly heavy drama filled story but this was surprisingly light with lots of humour and some sizzling spice.

In a nutshell:

Great little quick read.

 My Rating:  4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Line small Diamond

Safeguard by Stephanie Rose


Jilted. Living in a glorified closet. The world’s worst bar waitress. I just need to keep a roof over my head and make tuition payments until I can finish graduate school. Then my real life will start. But right now, long nights at the Speakeasy have me burning the candle at both ends and the wax melting all over my fingers.

When a bar manager offers me a job taking care of his adorable five-year-old daughter, it seems like the perfect solution. I get a quiet place to study. Matteo gets a reliable sitter.

There should be no complications. Except that I like my new boss a little too much. His gorgeous dark eyes humble me, and the long talks we share fill me up inside. I can’t possibly fall for him.

But the undeniable pull between us leads to a scorching kiss I can’t ignore or forget, and suddenly I’ve fallen for them both, father and daughter.

And now three hearts are at stake.

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Genre: Romance
Page Length: 290
Publication Date: 2nd September 2021
Format: eBook


This isn’t a troupe that I normally enjoy reading mainly because I just don’t get the attraction to single dads.

Matteo and Melanie’s story is sweet with a fair bit of drama thrown in. I enjoyed the story for the most part and I thought the characters were well suited for one another. I did predict a lot of the story towards the end because a lot of books in this troupe go in the same direction, however it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story.

In a nutshell:

Overall this an entertaining read and it kept my interest right up to the last page.

 My Rating:  4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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