Let’s Talk 2023 (#1) Book Series

It took me a awhile to come up with a list of topics for discussion and then decide which one to choose first. After a long chat with myself I decided that the for the first one should take a little bit of a deep look at Book Series . Is that how you say? Reads oddly to me now I’ve typed it out… anyway, lets first look at some pros and cons.

Pros & Cons


  1. A longer story
  2. More time spent with awesome characters.
  3. More time for world building
  4. More time for characters to fully grow and develop
  5. Being able to binge, especially if all the books are out.


  1. Can become drawn out needlessly.
  2. Bigger Commitment
  3. Sequels are not always as good.
  4. Remembering the god damn plot after a long wait for the next book to come out – I think this one is the actual worst *looking at you* Sarah J. Maas.

Series Vs Standalones

For me its hard to side with either. The thing I love about a standalone is that I know it’s going to full story with low commitment, on the flip side if its amazing and I love the characters then it’s sad that I only get a limited time with them.

Now a series, as I’ve said above is a bigger commitment, but some could argue that it comes with a bigger reward. With a well written book series you get fully developed characters that grow as the story progresses. The story itself is fully fleshed and the world building is usually on point – mostly I love a good fantasy/Sci-Fi series because when they are done well its damn near perfection for a reader. On the flipside some book series’ do fall a little flat if the above isn’t done well, for me the worst thing a book series can do is to:

  1. Have zero-character growth
  2. Not enough world building
  3. Having a confusing storyline

These things for me are real deal breakers when it comes to reading a book series, and I usually don’t continue after the first book. 

My Favourite Series

These are some of my favourite book series but its by no means comprehensive list:

  1. Blood and Ash
  2. Throne of Glass
  3. A Court of Thorns and Roses
  4. Red Rising
  5. The Zodiac Academy
  6. Crescent City

Over to You

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, leave comment and let me know how you feel about book series, do you love them, or do you prefer standalones? 

Bye for now

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