Let’s Talk 2023 (#2) Book Cover Makeovers

Today I decided to take a look at cover makeovers. Most of the time I hate it when publishers to do this, but there are a few instances when they get it right, so this is my take on the good the bad and damn right ugly!

The Good

I love the updated covers for these books, they are beautiful and I think they really just suit them more.

The Bad

 It’s real simple, I just do not like the new covers for the ACOTAR series, I don’t think they do the book justice at all.

The Ugly

Honestly I just don’t know what the publishers were thinking when they decided to do this to these books but I hate these new covers, in particular the TOG ones, ugh they are just so ugly to me!

Over to You

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, let me know what book cover makeovers you love or hate.

Bye for now

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