(#4) Let’s Talk 2023: Re-Reading Books

Today’s topic for discussion is Re-Reading books. I’ll be exploring some of the reasons why people don’t re-read, why I do and my favourite books to re-read. I hope you enjoy todays post 🙂

To Re-read or Not to Re-read?

I always thought that everyone loved to re-read their favourite books but turns out there are readers who in fact only read books once, which I find fascinating.

I hopped on to Reddit to explore this more and found that some reasons why people don’t do this were surprisingly relatable:

There are too many great books I haven’t read yet.”

“I tend to find I prefer the book the first-time round, so I don’t bother with a second go.”

“I like the adventure of a NEW book”.

(4) Just curious how many on here Do Not re-read a book : books (reddit.com)

While I feel these reasons is perfectly ok and I can related to the first and third reason a lot. I do think the second one is slightly flawed; I think almost every time you re-read a book you get something different from it.

I did discover that like me most people do like to re-read which brings me to…

…why I Re-Read

One on the of those reddit threads somebody described re-reading like this:

“Rereading a good book is like hanging out with old friends. You relive adventures, share good times and bad, and sometimes you realize something about the characters or situations you’d never noticed before”.

(4) I have NEVER reread a book. : books (reddit.com)

 I 100% agree with this. For me there is nothing more comforting than picking up my favourite book and hanging out with characters I already know that I love.  Personally, when I re-read I learn something new about the story that I didn’t notice before, some books are absolutely littered with Easter eggs that I don’t always appreciate the first time around.

To play devil’s advocate, there have been a few books that I have re-read that just haven’t had the same magic on a second read and I think this comes down to a few things:

  • Me growing as a reader.
  • Quality of the story writing
  • Nostalgia

I recently read a book by an author that I adored as a young adult and it just wasn’t good, which has kind of put me off reading her older books that I also loved back then. It could have been that one book but yeah, I don’t want to ruin my love for those books because I do feel very sentimental about them, at one point in my life they were my happy place.

Some of my favourite re-reads:

  • The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Hooking Up by Helena Hunting
  • Best Friends Don’t Kiss by Max Monroe
  • A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas
  • Paper Princess by Erin Watt.

Over to You

So now I’ve said my bit, I’d love to hear your opinions on this, are you a re-reader or are you once and one? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be seeing you guys next week for more chit chat! By for now 🙂

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