Service as Normal

Hi Guys!

I’m back from vacation and the post-holiday blues have well and truly set in. We had such an awesome time in Vegas I can’t believe it is over already 😦 Ah I need to move somewhere warmer.


Anyways I didn’t read anything new while I was away so reviewing will probably be pretty thin next week but I’m hoping to resume full service by next weekend. I have a few books lined up on my kindle so I’m really looking forward to getting back into reading.

While I’m here I just wanted to give you guys a quick update, so I know I said back in January that I was going to do weekly off-topic posts but I’ve just been so busy that I haven’t been able to do this so I’m going to try and do these monthly instead.

To finish off as promised, some holiday spam for you:

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See ya on the flipside! ✌🏼

sig V2

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