[#4] Thursday Chatter: TV TV TV

Thursday Chatter is a weekly meme hosted by me! Where I chat about lots of different things, you can find a list of upcoming topics here.

Full disclaimer this post may turn into a Witcher lovefest… I’ll try my best not to ramble on – but no promises.

So TV shows, there have been a few new ones that I have binged recently:

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)


On one day in 1989, 43 infants are inexplicably born to random, unconnected women who showed no signs of pregnancy the day before. Seven are adopted by billionaire industrialist Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who creates the Umbrella Academy and prepares his “children” to save the world. In their teenage years, though, the family fractures and the team disbands. Fast forward to the present time, when the six surviving members of the clan reunite upon the news of Hargreeves’ passing. They work together to solve a mystery surrounding their father’s death, but divergent personalities and abilities again pull the estranged family apart, and a global apocalypse is another imminent threat. The series is based on a collection of comics and graphic novels created and written by My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way.

Guys, I think this must be one of the most underrated TV shows that I have watched in ages, my sister had been nagging me for months to watch it and I’m so glad I gave it a go because it’s bloody brilliant. Klaus is my absolute favorite in this – he’s just fabulous!



Miracle Workers (Sky Comedy)


Frustrated with the current state of Earth, God has pretty much given up to focus on petty hobbies. Thinking the end might be near, two determined angels try to change his mind. Craig and Eliza, low-level angels responsible for handling all of humanity’s prayers, must convince their boss to save humanity and answer their most impossible prayer yet: help two humans, Laura and Sam, fall in love. The seven-episode limited series, based on Simon Rich’s book “What’s in God’s Name,” turns the perception of heaven upside down while also making the case that humans are worth saving.

This is one I discovered on the Sky comedy channel a few weeks ago. It’s really funny! Lots of tongue in cheek humor.


The Boys (Amazon Prime)


Superheroes are often as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians, and sometimes even as revered as gods. But that’s when they’re using their powers for good. What happens when the heroes go rogue and start abusing their powers? When it’s the powerless against the super powerful, the Boys head out on a heroic quest to expose the truth about the Seven and Vought, the multibillion-dollar conglomerate that manages the superheroes and covers up their dirty secrets.

Ok so technically I watched this a good few months ago, but it’s so damn good that I had to include it here, lots of gore and violence so if you are squeamish it may not be the show for you. Karl Urban is one of the main characters in this and he is amazing, he manages to be funny and cutthroat – you can’t help but love the guy.



The Witcher (Netflix)


The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world in which people often prove more wicked than beasts. 

After Game of Thrones finished I never thought I’d find another fantasy series that I would love as much and then BOOM this beaut showed up and saved the day. O.M.G I love it! the fighting, Henry Cavill, the monsters, Henry Cavill, the magic and mystery oh and Henry Cavill. Yeah, I’m not obsessed at all…. Geralt is EVERYTHING! I could legit watch him fight and grunt all day long.


Just look at him I mean he has some serious moves! If you have watched it you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, its like a god damn dance, beautiful but deadly. I can’t get over the fluidity to it.

If you haven’t watched it I highly recommend, if the fighting is not your thing that the bathtub scenes are pretty damn good too:




There that wasn’t too bad I don’t think lol what have you been watching? Any recommendations? I’m always looking for new shows to try.


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