Other Pursuits (#1)

Welcome to my first “Other Pursuits” Post. In these posts, I will be looking back at what else I have been up to over the past month apart from reading. 



I randomly found GIRLBOSS on Netflix while was browsing for something new to watch. It’s loosely based on Sophia Amoruso’s Autobiography #Girlboss which tells the story of how Sophia started her company, Nasty Gal. I’m totally hooked I think I binged the first 8 episodes in one sitting. It’s so good. I’m not normally into Autobiography’s but I’ve added this one to my TBR list.

The Vampire Diaries Finale



In the beginning, I really loved the Vampire Diaries. Mainly because of Damon! (seriously is there anyone who doesn’t love that guy?) but I think it should have ended a few seasons ago and the Final episode just proved this for me, it was so overdone and wholly disappointing. I was really hoping we’d have an epic explosion in which Mystic Falls disappeared. But no, Stephen died! How could they do that to Caroline?! And Elena’s reappearance was to be blunt total rubbish and anticlimactic.

I don’t know maybe I should try and read the books again.. are they any good?

Grey’s Anatomy Season Final


I’ve been a Grey’s fan since the first episode aired back in 2005 so I’ve experienced the 12 other gut-wrenching season finales from this show. This one wasn’t the best.

The good:

I really liked how Meredith dealt with reappearance of Nathan’s fiancé (who everyone thought had died years ago) she was so selfless, celebrating with him and telling him to go see her because “if it was Derek, I’d already be gone”

Finally, Dr. Minnick is gone – Jeez that women annoyed me!

The Bad:

No proper closer with the whole Alex and Jo storyline. Although I could see this coming to a few episodes back, the whole Jackson/Maggie thing. I’m not sure how I feel about it but I’m looking forward to seeing more in the next season.

Pretty Little Liars Finale



Oh, gods, I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed with a season finale. If I’m honest though I shouldn’t have been surprised because the whole build up to it has been pretty mediocre! The A.D revel was a huge let down! I mean an evil twin how cliché!  There were also a lot of parts I just didn’t understand, why did Caleb suddenly hate Mona? Why did Alex kidnap Ezra? And how come Emily’s babies were white and very blonde?

The only good things that happened was that Aria and Ezra finally got married and Mona finally won the game back!


Wonder Women 

I have been looking forward to this movie for what feels like forever! And boy was I not disappointed! I really have to give it to DC for finally making a superhero move where the main character is a women! I loved Gal Gadot’s performance. There was something deeply satisfying about watching her kick so much ass!

Transformers: The Last Knight

I loved Anthony Hopkins in this film! He was so funny. I really enjoyed this film, it was nothing like how I thought it was gonna turn out and for once this was a good thing. I would definelty recommend going to see it if you’re a Transformers fan. Also as always Mark Wahlberg was just an epic in this movie!

Other things-2

It was my Birthday this month! I had a mini meltdown on the lead up to turning 30 but I’m feeling less freaked out now. I’ve always had a sort of Peter Pan like complex about growing up. On my 6th birthday I threw a huge tantrum because I wanted to stay 5 forever! Anyway the day itself was very nice, my husband majorly spoilt me by getting me a Hot Air Balloon ride! so I’m super excited about doing that.


I also did GoApe this month which was a lot of fun. I do love shooting through the air on a zip line.


I went to Goodwood Festival of Speed (The Goodwood Festival of Speed is an annual hill climb featuring historic motor racing vehicles held in the grounds of Goodwood House) yesterday, this is something me and my husband attend every year. I always really enjoy the atmosphere and the smell of burning rubber. The highlight though is watching drifting. It’s quite mesmerizing watching a car drift around a corner sideways.


I think that’s it.

Until next time  🤓

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